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Quite often we launch an Online Store Sale, where we give our valued customers a Discount Code to use, which applies a discount percentage to their entire cart value. These discounts have ranged from 5% off to a maximum of 60% off before. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the “Online Store Exclusive” items which you will not find stocked in our store in Alberton.

The process to claiming and using this Discount Code is relatively simple, but often times, there are a few clients that need a little extra guidance, which is where this guide will come in handy.

Step by step guide to using your code

For this guide, let’s assume that the discount code is “discdemo“.
Step 1
Fill your shopping cart with all the items you want and need.
Step 2
Once you have finished shopping and are ready to place your order, go to your shopping cart, check on your quantities and continue.
Step 3
Select your delivery or collection method and insert any special notes you have for Joe in your order, then continue.
Step 4
Select your payment method and in the Discount Code block, insert the Discount Code Joe has given out on the Facebook Group. In this example, we will use the Code “discdemo”.
Step 5
Once you have inserted the Code, the site will verify your cart contents and apply the Discount Code, this will be confirmed by a green tick. If you get a red circle icon, then your order value is either not large enough or you might have incorrectly typed the Discount Code. Finalize your order.
Step 6
On the confirmation page, check to see that all the information has been collected correctly, like your address, shipping option, payment option , cart contents and that the discount code has deducted the appropriate percentage from your invoice. Complete your order and make payment!

We hope that this guide has assisted you. Keep an eye out on the Facebook Group for all future Discount Codes.

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